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The Main Reasons for the Disqualification of the Five Panels Hats PH Value

In the production process of Five Panels Hats, printing and dyeing and other production processes need to add various dyes and additives in chemical preparation. If the rinsing is not sufficient, the PH value deviate from the standard value, resulting in the improper acid base of the hat, and lead to the destruction of the natural barrier of the skin. The skin of the human body itself is neutral and acidic stimulation produced burns, bacteria cause disease. China Five Panel Hats PH control between 4.5-7.0, such a weak acid can better protect the people.

There are many reasons why the hat value exceeds the standards. However, after the printing and dyeing process, the fabric is not fully washed and dried, and at the same time, it does not take some measures to neutralize it. This is the main reason for the failure of the PH value. Inferior fabrics will also cause the PH value to exceed the standard. The new hat just been bought should not be directly worn. It is better to wash to reduce the harmful substances on the hat.

Five Panels Hats

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