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PH Value Control of Snapback Cap

The PH value of Snapback Cap is too high or too low can not only stimulate the skin, but also cause the skin to be infected by bacteria. Human skin is generally weak acid, to prevent bacterial invasion, if the use of textiles containing excessive alkalinity, PH and alkaline will lead to the destruction of the skin natural barrier. Some bacteria easily in alkaline conditions growth and reproduction, stimulate the skin, causing discomfort to the body, or even cause disease.

Especially for infants with special skin and tender skin, their skin is neutral or weak and acidic, their resistance is weak. If the snapback caps PH is too high or low, it will damage the body’s balance mechanism of infants and cause harm. 

A class product( infant hat), the PH value is between 4.0-7.5.

B class product( direct contact with skin hat), the PH value between 4.0-8.5.

C class product( not directly exposed to skin hat), the PH value between 4.0-9.0.

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Custom Made Snapback Cap

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