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How To Clean Man Black Waterproof Backpack?

Man Black Waterproof Backpack contaminated dust and mud after climbing, we recommend cleaning with a soft brush dipped in the water. if the direct use of wet cloth to wipe it, someone will found, after wiping on the surface of the Black Man Backpack will be left wipe traces, this will inevitably affect the whole backpack beautiful. If the backpack pollution is more serious, we can first soak in water for 30 minutes or so, if it is not clean clearly, you can add the right amount of bag cleaning liquid, do not use strong alkaline washing liquid to avoid corroding the backpack waterproof coating. After washing, you must clean water to rinse the backpack, placed in cool and dry place. Do not placed in the sun exposure directly, because of the strong ultraviolet hardening elastic fiber.

Man Black Waterproof Backpack

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