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What Is the Manufacturing Process of Five Panels Hats?

Hats has many manufacturing process, including: sewing, felt forming, knitting, injection molding and others. 

1.Sewing: mainly is sewing machine, is the main production process of Five Panels Hats. The general process is paving, skin cutting, sewing, ironing, shaping, stitching decoration, finished product inspection. Different varieties of caps, the methods and procedures of stereotypes are also different.

2.The tread molding: mainly used for hat production. Wool carding, tires, bleaching and dyeing, then according to the style adopted corresponding helmet ironing and pressing.

3.The knitting: the same to sewing process, there has 100% Wool Knitted Hats for Sale.

4.Injection molding: injection of plastic into the mold by injection molding machine. It is mainly used for making safety helmet.

100% Wool Knitted Hats

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